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Our Popular Herbal Formulas

Nu Bio Vita Herbal Formula has been being used over 20 years in our clinics. Some of the formula are so well know local community such as KF Herbal, Dong Quei One, Dong Quei Two, and Huanglian Jiedu Tang. Now most of these products are approved with NPN number by Health Canada and manufactured by GMP Pharmaceutical factories. Comparing to traditional Chinese Medicine, these products are more convenient to take.


CanEase/CanImmu is getting more and more popular since our clinic start to prescribed to our patients over ten years ago because the proven benefits brought to many of our cancer patients. With the long term relationship to the manufacturer, they are available in our clinic too.


We have de-listed our products from Amazon and you can find more details on that here.

Mail orders or email order for above products will be accepted. To order, please click for more details.

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