Our Team

Feng Li R.TCM.P — Graduated from Nanjing Medical University in 1988, Feng Li is very experienced in both conventional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Since 1996, Feng Li have been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in British Columbia, Canada. With her professional training and medical doctor background in China, she helped thousands of patients to achieve their health goals.

Feng Li is the owner and practitioner in White Rock clinic.

Chee Woo R.Acup — Joining us in 2014, Chee is working in our White Rock clinic. With his professional training in Singapore and local experience, he has been helping many patients in local communities.

Jing Luo R.Acup — Joining us in 2012, Jing is working in our White Rock clinic. Jing graduated in Nanjing TCM College in 1990, She is experienced in treating various problems with traditional Chinese Medicine.


Chien-Kai Wang R.TCM.P. — Kai is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner. He also practice the Chinese art of cupping therapy. Kai’s passion for the practice started at a young age as both his father and grandfather studied TCM. Their vast knowledge and dedication to their craft has always been an inspiration to him and he is grateful that he comes from a family who shares the same passion for the field. Kai specializes in pain management and alleviating symptoms from chronic conditions such as insomnia or digestive system ailments. He is also experienced in working with headaches, injuries, back, neck and shoulder pain as well as arthritic conditions.

Chien-Kai Wang is the owner and practitioner in North Vancouver clinic.

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