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Our Team

Feng Li R.TCM.P — Graduated from Nanjing Medical University in 1988, Feng Li is very experienced in both conventional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Since 1996, Feng Li have been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in British Columbia, Canada. With her professional training and medical doctor background in China, she helped thousands of patients to achieve their health goals.

Feng Li is the owner and practitioner in White Rock clinic.


Tianqi (Liam) Sheng R.TCM.P — Liam is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCM.P.) who is passionate and devoted to this profession from a young age. Coming from a family with generations of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, Liam has studied at the Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, one of the best TCM universities in China. He also obtained Diploma for R.TCM.P. from Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCICTCM). He is currently completing his studies in Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to further his practice in prescribing Chinese herbal medicine.

Tianqi (Liam) Sheng is a practitioner in White Rock clinic.


Jinghao (Lisa) Yan Dr.TCM– Lisa is a Registered Acupuncturist (Dr.TCM.) with a passion for helping restore balance in your body to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. Before she began her lifelong journey as a TCM practitioner, Lisa completed her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of New Brunswick. She then studied at Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCICTCM) and obtained her Diploma in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine.

Jinghao (Lisa) Yan is a practitioner in White Rock clinic.

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